The South Florida Hospital & Healthcare Association joins the Florida Hospital Association, and American Hospital Association in promoting transparency and quality in our healthcare industry. We believe it is important to provide consumers with clear, useful information because patients need credible resources in order to make the best decisions regarding their healthcare.

In fact, consumers have long sought useful advice on healthcare. Whether it’s the U.S. government’s scorecards, the Kaiser Family Foundation charts, US News & World Report, Florida Healthfinder Consumer Guides or the new Yelp ratings, consumers can now conduct their own research about the quality of care at their local hospital. And yet, sometimes, it’s as simple – and as important – as talking to your physician because a trusted healthcare professional can help their patients put the information into context and determine what facility best meets their needs.

Following the guidelines of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the South Florida Hospital & Healthcare Association encourages its member hospitals to use best practices, provide medical care with quality and patient safety measures as a topmost goal, and improve price transparency.

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