FAQs on Transparency

The South Florida Hospital & Healthcare Association is committed to providing you access to several sources of information about our member institutions. Below are links to data and information to help you make decisions about your care and that of your loved ones. No matter what list or source you review, these are the questions to ask and/or the issues to consider in reviewing the available data:

How current is the information? Some rankings and report cards are older than others. Since hospitals are constantly innovating and improving, the age of the data is relevant.

How is the information collected? Is this data from federal or state government sources? Is it from nationally-recognized accrediting agencies? Does the hospital report the information to the rating / reviewing organization or does that entity collect the information from some third party source?

What measures form the basis of the rankings? The South Florida Hospital & Healthcare Association recognizes that some evaluations are based on physician or nurse competence, availability of state-of-the-art technology, or the frequency of adverse incidents. Others are based almost solely on consumer satisfaction; local or national reputation. In some cases the hospitals simply have to pay to be on the list.

What services are evaluated? Some of the report cards or ranking systems evaluate patient satisfaction, while others evaluate adherence to federal guidelines, and professional standards. When looking at a report card, be sure to check whose opinion it reflects. Finally, the South Florida Hospital & Healthcare Association and its member hospitals want and value informed patients. Just be sure you are not totally dependent on a single source of information!

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