The Association appreciates the ongoing support of our members. In any trade association, the participation of its members is crucial to continued successful outcomes. One area of participation is on a committee. Serving on a committee allows lasting rapport to be built with other members while making an impact on the local healthcare community. These committees also provide professionals at member organizations to gain both education and exposure. At the SFHHA, you have the chance to promote your passion and your business by serving on a committee.

Please ask the following questions: Are any of the committees related to your firm’s practice? Whom would the firm suggest to be their representation on the committee?

  • Education Committee
  • Healthcare Finance Management Committee
  • Healthcare Information Technology Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Marketing and Public Relations Committee
  • Quality and Patient Safety Committee
  • Safety and Security Committee
  • Non-Dues Revenue Committee

SFHHA Task Forces:

Facilities, Design, and Maintenance Task Force

Workforce Shortage Task Force

Legislative and Government Relations Task Force


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